NOMEX fabric has been proven protection for all different forms of job. Ideally, they work perfectly for military and police personnel. Reporting for duty can mean you are putting yourself in the face of danger for example flash fires and explosions. NOMEX fabric helps provide uniforms with proven protection against intense heat and flames. A lot of different dangerous jobs actually rely on the power of NOMEX fabric, some of which you probably didn't know about. for example, race car drivers started wearing it so that in the event of a fire it dramatically enhances their chances of coming out of it unscathed. But NOMEX as a whole even not as a fabric has been used many times for similar effects. Another prime example of NOMEX being used is in the U.S. space program. Nomex has been used for the Thermal Micrometeoird Garment on the Extravehicular Mobility Unity and ACES pressure suit, for fire resistance as well as extreme environmental protection. They have also been used as thermal blankets on payload bay doors, fuselage, and upper wing surfaces of the space shuttle Orbiter. It also has been used for the airbags for the Mars Pathfinder and Mars Exploration Rover missions. So when it comes to NOMEX as a whole it is a very durable and trusty fabric. So what are the benefits of sporting a NOMEX Jacket? Other than the fact they are extremely durable, resistant to abrasion, tears, and chemicals, as well as last up to three times longer than other standard protective fabrics and, are flame retardant. They also look very sporty and can be worn just simply for the style. These jackets have been built with comfort as well as protection in mind. Safety was actually a huge concern while they were in the design stage. The flame-resistant factor is a major feature of these jackets, this helps keep the users safe in case of a fire or minor explosions and can greatly increase their chances of survival. 

Why Choose NOMEX Military Flight Jacket?

The NOMEX Military Flight Jacket has several advantages such as :

·     Heat Resistance 

·     Unique Fabric

·     Chosen Fabric For Decades


Heat Resistance

As a military or civilian aviator, you must be prepared for any and every situation that may arise. Unfortunately, there are times when you may find yourself in the midst of a fire. The NOMEX Flight Jackets we have available are heat-resistant. This heat and flame resistance is built into the NOMEX fiber—it can’t be washed out or worn away. What’s more, NOMEX won’t melt, drip, or support combustion.


Unique Fabric

What makes NOMEX Military Flight Jackets fabric unique? NOMEX is a revolutionary, heat- and flame-resistant fiber that reacts in a crisis. When exposed to extreme heat, NOMEX undergoes a special reaction, changing its properties to capture more energy in the fabric, giving the wearer valuable extra seconds of protection from heat transfer. NOMEX fabric also plays a key role in helping military and police uniforms become more comfortable to wear.


Chosen Fabric For Decades

During World War 1, many soldiers fighting the war did not have something to keep them warm while they were in their unenclosed cockpits nor did the material on their nylon jackets protect against flames leaving them to melt onto the pilot during fires. They needed a jacket that was fire-retardant. This led to the US army establishing a clothing brand that produced flight jackets in order to protect soldiers during rough weather conditions on the ground and in the air. The CWU (Cold Weather Uniform) was produced in two different weights. The 36/P, summer, and the 45/P, winter, military flight jackets. Made of NOMEX fabric, a Dupont product known for its outstanding thermal, chemical & radiation resistance. Originally, the manufacturer for the flight jackets was in the United Kingdom, however, the demand was so high for these flight jackets that many variations were created as well and it eventually became a worldwide phenomenon. The Nomex jacket is still being issued to USAF pilots today. Current government-issued and made to US Military specifications. Nomex is a flame-resistant material used in garments worn by military pilots, tankers, firefighters, race car drivers, etc.


Weights Available

Sisley Evolution offers two specific types of flight jackets. The two flight jackets featured on our website are the MIL-SPEC NOMEX CWU 36/P Flight Jacket and the MILITARY SPEC | MIL-SPEC NOMEX CWU 45/P. The Air Force aviator of 36/P is generally of lighter weight and used for warmer climates while the 45/P is generally used for cooler climates. Both jackets offer unique protection in their respective environment but are designed so that they both consist of fire-resistant fabric, double-stitched cargo pockets, and a front zipper closure as well. Both Jackets come in a sage color, and we offer a variety of sizes such as small, medium, large, X-Large, and 2X-Large. The price of both jackets ranges from $575 to $595 and are special orders only. By choosing Sisley Evolution, you will be a believer in the fact that not all flight suits are the same and that our flight jackets will not let you down.


Colors Available

SE Flight Suits carry the CWU45 and 36/P in both Sage Green and Desert Tan. These jackets come from the same supplier for the US Military and pulled off the assembly line for our distribution. Save hundreds compared to Alpha direct sales.  We have both the 45/P which is the winter weight Nomex jacket and the 36/P, which is popular in the summer. The MIL-SPEC jackets are made of Nomex, which is fire-resistant, not fireproof. Nomex was designed to protect against flash fires.


SE NOMEX Flight Jackets Available

Military flight jackets are important for flying all military aircraft such as airplanes and helicopters. They provide warmth and protection for many conditions. Our Nomex military flight jackets contain many additional pockets. Some of our suits can be adjusted by length and chest size. We sell flight suits that come in both 2-Piece and 1-Piece. We are dealers for Propper, True Spec, United Designs, and Evolution designs. Propper suits are standard for the US military. Propper flight suits for sale come in three colors: Freedom Green, Desert Tan, and Tactical Black. United Designs flight suits are of the highest quality, they are in Europe and they were made in Italy. Triple stitching on the flight suits is offered. Standard features are top-quality Nomex and custom-made options. Evolution is made in the USA and they are owned by Evolution Aviation Helmets. They are the smallest flight suit manufacturer in the USA, however, their goal is to make the best Flight Suit available in the USA. Evolution provides top-quality Nomex.


SE Flight Suits Service

If you’re looking for a military flight jacket that offers protection and has a great reputation for being top quality, you are at the right place. We have a selection of flight jackets available with different weights and colors to choose from. At SE Flight Suits, we pride ourselves in our customer service. We try and go above and beyond for our customers. Going as far as locating items that we don’t currently have in stock. We not only offer military flight suits for sale online, but we also offer other additions and accessories for military aviators. Take a look at our selection of flight boots. The brands of boots that we carry are known for their durability. Looking for flight gloves? We offer NOMEX flight gloves made of the same unique fabric as our jackets, making them heat resistant while allowing free movements that will not interfere with your job. Along with those we also offer a selection of flight suits for you to choose from and more.

For more information on our Military Flight Jackets, contact Ron Abbott Rachel Pinciotti at 321-821-4724.