How Much is a Flight Suit | A Matter of Quality

How Much is a Flight Suit?

The price of a flight suit can vary depending on many factors. Flight suits come in one-piece and two-piece configurations. You can also add many custom options. When asking "how much is a flight suit?" the value is more important than the price. A flight suit is an investment that may even save your life. For this reason, it is most important that you get a flight suit that gives you what you need and lasts for years.

Custom Flight Suits

A big advantage to purchasing your flight suit from SE Flight Suits is customization. We offer customization options for all our flight suits. This means you can get exactly what you're looking for. You can customize the color of our high-quality NOMEX fabric, add pockets, Kevlar, and more! We designed our unique two-piece flight suits to maximize flexibility. They offer mobility and versatility without compromising safety or durability. They come as a set with trousers and a jacket and are both customizable.

NOMEX Fabric

Nomex suits have superior quality compared to virtually any other flight suit manufacturer. These suits are solution-dyed, which helps resist fading and discoloration. Also, the Nomex material is sturdy, secure. It uses a rip-top fabric that decreases the likelihood of tears and snags. Nomex is the chosen material used by the US Army and its air force pilots. Its superior flame-resistant properties have made it an obvious choice for the military. Nomex suits are the industry standard for good reason.

Quality Construction

Even the best fabric falls apart with poor construction. SE Flight Suits uses the highest quality construction components and triple-stitched seams. This ensures a great fit and a suit that you can count on in the worst of conditions.

So, How Much is a Flight Suit?

The best way to find out how much a flight suit will cost is to visit our online store! You can choose the suit that's best for you as well as add any custom options you want. Ordering high-quality flight suits has never been easier. You'll get a great product that has exactly what you need, when you need it, and at a fair price. We also sell flight gloves, flight boots, flight jackets, and more. Suit up with SE Flight Suits!

You can trust that our flight suits will deliver the quality you demand and deserve. Not only will you get a durable, long-lasting flight suit, but you'll also get it when you need it. We are capable of high volume orders and deliver our products on time.