The History Of NOMEX

NOMEX is a trademarked flame-resistant meta-aramid material developed in the early 1960s by DuPont and was first marketed in 1967. Wilfred Sweeny, the DuPont scientist responsible for the discoveries leading to NOMEX, earned a DuPont Lavoisier
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The Benefits Of NOMEX Flight Jackets

NOMEX fabric has been proven protection for all different forms of job. Ideally, they work perfectly for military and police personnel. Reporting for duty can mean you are putting yourself in the face of danger for example flash fires and
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Why You Should Customize Your Flight Suit

There are many types of flight suits on the market, which means you might feel a bit overwhelmed at the selection. Why not just make your own? Of course, that does not mean you have to make your flight suit from scratch. SE Flight Suits is
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