A History of Belleville Flight Boots

Belleville Boot has been a staple fashion of the US Military for over a hundred years. They are the main supplier of Flight Boots and other footwear to the US Department of Defense. The company started with humble beginnings, a small group that grew into the largest US military boot provider. Learn about how the company was founded, and how they established a strong relationship with the US Military to provide high-quality products.

The Founding

5 Businessmen founded the Belleville Shoe Manufacturing Co. in 1904. Despite having no experience in making shoes, they were able to build up their brand to sell all across the US. During the first World War, they received their first orders for military footwear. Once the US got involved with World War II, the company began producing more military shoes. This led to the company receiving the Army-Navy "E" Award which only 5 companies received. These events led to the US Military relying on the Belleville Shoe Manufacturing Co. to provide high-quality boots for their troops.

Different Models of Belleville Flight Boots

During the Vietnam War, the boot's material changed to be more suited for hot weather desert environments. They have many models for different situations. The 600 series are the standard hot weather models, while the 612 series are lighter boots that are fitted for physical activity. There is also the 639Z CT which helps protect a soldier's feet from falling equipment or electrical hazards. For flight line maintenance personnel the 630 ST provides a tough steel toe and rubber overlays for protection from gouges and scuffs. The 633 series is the newest tactical Air Force model designed for patrol in rugged terrain.

If you're looking for something waterproof the 650 series could be something that interests you. It features a Gore-Text bootie that will keep your feet dry in most cold-weather locations. The 695 adds insulation 200 grams of Thinsulate insulation to keep your feet protected in the coldest of environments. There are countless different types of boots to fit the needs of any soldier.

Where Can I purchase Flight Boots?

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