Who Is Sisley Evolution?

You might be wondering, who are we? Who really is Sisley Evolution? We are a knowledgeable and experienced aviation gear company that wants to bring you. Not only that but we manufacture durable flight suits that keep you safe on the ground and in the air. Our manufacturers use the best materials available, including YKK zippers and NOMEX fabric. high quality and affordable flight suits. You can always count on SE Flight Suits to provide you with the highest quality flight suits at a very reasonable price. When it comes to stitching, sewing, materials, and components we constantly strive for the absolute best. Not only will you get high-quality flight suits that are durable and built to last but you also will get them when you need them! We are capable of high volume orders and always ensure to meet the expectations of timely shipping. With our online shopping experience, we have done everything we can to create a hassle-free, seamless shopping experience so that you can find exactly what you are looking for at a very fair price. Aside from the flight suits themselves we also sell flight gloves, flight boots, flight jackets, and much more! Be confident in us and suit up with SE Flight Suits! We understand that not all flight suits are created equally and because of that we only try and sell and produce the highest quality suits available on the market.  We also love to stress how safe our flight suits really are, because Nomex flight suits are most often used by military personnel, safety was a huge concern while it was in the design stages. One of the biggest safety features of this type of flight suit is its flame-resistant material. The interlock technology provided by the Nomex material helps to keep users safe in case of a fire or minor explosion and greatly increases their chances of survival. But not only are they safe they are also built to be comfortable. Nomex flight suits are made to provide a glove-like fit and are equipped with an adjustable waist belt as a means to fit various body shapes and sizes. In addition, the suit has a breathable design that allows air to escape when the body is overheated but also provides warmth through insulation properties for when the atmosphere is a little cooler. That partnered with how high of quality our suits are we have constructed the perfect suits. Nomex suits have superior quality in relation to virtually any other flight suit manufacturer. These suits are solution-dyed which helps resist fading and discoloration. In addition, the Nomex material is sturdy, secure, and constructed with a rip-top fabric that decreases the likelihood of tears and snags. But don't let the amenities of such a high-quality suit distract you from the fact that safety is always first. In consideration of the fact that these flight suits are used for often dangerous flights, manufacturers ensure that they are fit for usage. Flame-resistant material covers many of the hazards associated with potentially dangerous situations, but there are also factors such as its temperature-resistant properties. The Nomex flight suit can tolerate temperatures of up to 5720 ° F and will not experience molecular modifications when subjected to such temperatures as melting.