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Touch Screen Nomex Flight Gloves
Nomex Flight Gloves Touch Screen

Touch Screen Nomex Flight Gloves

Part Number: AV244-2
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Now with a touchscreen finger tip, these nomex flight gloves can provide easy access to your touch device. Durable and heat-resistant, these gloves are ideal for those in aviation. Available in black, tan, sage/OD green, and royal blue.

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These gloves are similar to our Government Issue Nomex Flight Gloves, however now you can easily use your handheld devices! You don’t have to worry about your touch screen’s response. Touch Screen Nomex Flight Gloves make your life easier by allowing you to tap away without the hassle. These gloves are durable and provide the wearer protection from heat. Our flight gloves can come in a variety of colors, so you don’t have to stick with the basics. Check out Black, Tan, Sage / OD Green, and Royal Blue colors. These colors are given so you can easily match them to our many choices of flight suits also offered in a variety of colors. Sizes are available in 8-12 inches. Mark the color and size you want and you can easily add it to your online shopping cart.

Durable, premium grade leather palm and fingers

Double stitched trigger finger patterns for additional grip and cutting locations that prevent unraveling

Additional elastic gather on glove back holds it snug in tactical situations

Protective over cuff

Form Fitting antistatic NOMEX® with soft, durable leather palm

Heat and fire resistant to 700° F

Excellent thermal protection

Made in the USA

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