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Sony Reon Pocket - Cooling & Heating Device
Reon Pocket Cooling and Heating Device

Sony Reon Pocket - Cooling & Heating Device

Part Number: SE-2064
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This newly innovative Cooling and Heating Device is available for purchase at the SE Flight Suits store and is also made to fit comfortably for all Pilots and Crewman in our newly designed Flight Suit .

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The Reon Pocket is a brand new cooling device that has just been released in the summer of 2020 by Sony. Currently this device is only available in the Japanese market; But we thought this idea was "Too cool" to wait on. SE Flight Suits is making this innovative device available to pilots and crewman who need a cooler flight suit today!

Q: How much cooling are we talking?
A: The Reon Pocket can cool the user up to 23 degrees fahrenheit.

Q: What is the battery life? 
A: The built-in lithium ion battery lasts about two to four hours, depending on which settings you use, and it takes about 2.5 hours to juice the battery back up with a USB-C-style port.
Q: How does it work? 
A: The Reon Pocket uses the Peltier Effect to cool or heat the conductive silicon plate that sits on the users garment. 

Q: How do I control it? 
A: You use your smartphone. There is a very intuitive app that lets you control the Reon Pocket's cooling and heating functions.
Q: How do I find the app? 
A: The App is currently only available on the japanese region ios & android app stores. But you can easily change the region of your ios or android account to Japan. Download the application, and then switch the phone's region back to USA.

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