Protect Your Hands With Nomex Flight Gloves

Nomex Gloves are the best safeguards to protect your hands while flying military-based aircraft. Nomex Flight Gloves have been used dating back to the 60s, making them trusted by military and civilians all over the US. The best way to live an amazing aviation lifestyle is by focusing on protection and quality. Learn about the benefits of wearing Nomex Flight Gloves and the reasons behind their success as the most trusted brand.

Benefits of Nomex Gloves

One of the most important qualities of Nomex Gloves is their Flexibility. They are designed to provide the greatest dexterity while also being resistant to thermal and chemical spills. The gloves are able to resist up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit and have Cuff lengths that go up to your forearm. The design of the glove will help to keep you from receiving burn scars in the event of a fire. Another benefit to their design is how cost-effective they are. 

You can buy a pair of Nomex Gloves for only $30, due to them being regulated by the government. These gloves are designed to be comfortable, unlike other asbestos gloves which can cause irritation or discomfort. The gloves are customizable in the colors of black, tan, green, or royal blue. There are countless reasons why Nomex has remained the most trusted brand for aviators all over the US.

Where Can I Get Nomex Flight Gloves?

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