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Propper® Series 300 Boot
Propper® Series 300® 8" Waterproof Boot

Propper® Series 300 Boot

Part Number: SE-1734
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Designed to meet the toughest military specs, the Propper Series 300® boot is AR670-1 and Berry compliant. Made in USA.

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If you are looking for a boot that meets the most demanding military specs, the Propper Series 300® boot might be perfect for you. This boot in our SE Flight Suits inventory is AR670-1 and Berry compliant, making it great for any situation you might find yourself in. This compliance also means it holds up to the most demanding military specs. The Series 300 also offers a rugged outsole, comfortable ankle support, and a convenient NATO speed lace system. Here at SE Flight Suits, we don’t just sell great boots. We make sure we are selling boots made by prime Department of Defense contractors. After all, we want to ensure that all of our customers have the highest quality of boots. The Propper Series 300® is also a US-made product. You can get them in sizes ranging from size 3 to 16, as well as in regular or wide widths. The Propper footwear we sell at SE Flight excels in long-lasting comfort and durability.

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