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Propper CWU 27/P 4.5 Oz Nomex Flight Suit
CWU 27/P Flight Suit

Propper CWU 27/P 4.5 Oz Nomex Flight Suit

Part Number: SE-242
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We offer the lowest prices on Original Military Issue Nomex Flight Suits by Propper.

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SE Flight Suits only carries the most high-quality flight suites available, and that's why the Propper Nomex Flight Suit is here on our site! This one-piece suit is made with DuPont Nomex N303 Fiber is built for superior performance. This flight suit is flame resistant, as well as a thermal protectant. The Propper Nomex Flight Suit provides comfort, durability and protects you from the hazards of electric arcs and flash fires. The quality of the Dupont Nomex N303 is built into the fiber, ensuring you will never wash or wear away the protection it offers. 

The Nomex flight suit sold by SE Flight Suits is made to military specifications and is worn by all of the United States flight crews. There is an abundance of storage space with six pockets, a knife, and a pen pocket built-in. The safety of the flame-resistant material is a top priority in flight suits. The material consists of 92% Meta Aramid, 5% Para-Aramid, and 3% conductive fiber fabric. This not only provides a durable feel to the flight suit but also makes it garment flame resistance as well.

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