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MIL-SPEC NOMEX CWU 36/P Flight Jacket
CWU36P NOMEX Flight Jacket

MIL-SPEC NOMEX CWU 36/P Flight Jacket

Part Number: SE-264
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Comfortable and fire-resistant, this Alpha nomex 36/P flight jacket can help ward off harsh climates. This jacket is made entirely in the USA and is in current contract with the Defense Department. You will be safe and secure knowing that your flight jacket is one that our servicemen proudly wear! The MIL-SPEC NOMEX CWU 36/P Flight Jacket is tailored to the highest military specifications and are fully lined with cargo pockets that are both double-stitched and equipped with a Velcro closure. Nomex products, including their jackets, are unlike any other aerospace product you have ever owned. They are made of the highest quality possible while also providing protection and comfort while you are on your missions or tasks. That is why this jacket is made specifically to be able to face any type of climate, whether normal or severe. Trust the experts and get the MIL-SPEC NOMEX CWU 36/P Flight Jacket today!

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Our Flight Jackets are something you should try out! This Nomex flight jacket is great for people in the realms of aviation. Flight gear is meant to keep the wearer warm and provide protection from natural elements that one may encounter. This Nomex flight jacket has fire resistant fabric, zipper tape, knit cuffs and waistband. This Nomex Flight Suit is made to military specification. Other specifications are listed below, such as its front zipper closure with storm flap. You can order and configure the jacket on the “Configure Flight Suit” tab. There, you can also change the size from small to 2X-Large.

This Nomex Flight Jacket can make the wearer feel comfort and protection as they journey on their necessary duties. Consider our flight jackets and other flight suit options for your next purchase.

$ 850.00 MSRP

USA Manufactured and in current contract to the Defense Department; Alpha presents the U.S. Air Force intermediate flight jacket currently issued to fighter pilots.

NOMEX fire resistant fabric, zipper tape, knit cuffs and waistband

Tonal Velcro patch

Front zipper closure with storm flap

Fully lined double-stitched cargo pockets with Velcro closure

Made to military specification

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