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Belleville 390 DES Hot weather combat boot
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Belleville 390 DES Hot weather combat boot

Part Number: SE-664
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This 390 DES combat boot is a classic top seller, boasting optimal comfort and durability. Protect your feet from harsh rigors and keep comfortable throughout the day with this incredible pair of boots.

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When you are looking for a reliable combat boot, nothing beats the classics. Belleville’s most highly recognized boot is the iconic 390 DES. This boot helped to revolutionize military footwear when it was first introduced using the Vanguard® premium cushioning sole system. Why would you settle for anything less? This classic boot was able to be constructed with more of an athletic feel for non-military members like you. We achieve this by utilizing the most top-notch advancements in premium comfort technology. Still a top seller, the 390 DES has proven that good things are really built to last. When you wear the Belleville 390 DES, you can protect your feet from harsh rigors. Not only that, but this shoe will keep you comfortable throughout the day, no matter what you are doing. Here at SE Flight Suits, we carry these boots between size 3 and 15.5, so order yours today!

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