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Belleville 300 TROP ST  Hot weather steel toe boot
300 DES ST Hot weather steel toe boot

Belleville 300 TROP ST Hot weather steel toe boot

Part Number: SE-561
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If you are looking for a steel toe boot that is great for work both in the air and on the ground, consider these 330 TROP ST Belleville boots for your aviation needs. These boots are highly protective and hot weather-resistant while remaining highly breathable throughout the day. Premium comfort technology makes them great for rigorous work and daily use. When you buy a Belleville product, you know that you are getting the highest grade products on the market. They have over 100 years of experience making the perfect flight boots for airmen, as well as years of providing the best quality boots for our U.S. servicemen. The Belleville 300 TROP ST Hot Weather Steel Toe Boot comes in a variety of different sizes for everyone who wants a high-grade air boot, ranging from sizes 3 to 15.5. You can also get the boot in both regular and wide widths, all while paying NOTHING for shipping!

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Utilizing advancements in premium comfort technology allowed us to make this protective steel toe, hot weather boot like your favorite running shoe.   With an upper constructed of durable full grain cowhide leather and abrasion resistant 1000 denier nylon, the 300 TROP ST is not only tough, but highly breathable, too. These boots are flight approved and durable and versatile enough to suit any flight. Their tough full grain cowhide leather & WT-2® fabric exterior will stay strong for your venture, with their VANGUARD sole construction featuring a cushioned polyurethane midsole with a 100% rubber VIBRAM® Chevron outsole keeping you comfortable for the whole journey. Rest assured that these boots are equipped with an antimicrobial lining to improve foot health by minimizing bacteria growth and odor with a removable insole for easy cleaning. These boots are military standard, steel toed, and 8 inches in height, made right here in the United States and Berry Compliant.     

Learn More About Our Belleville Boots

Belleville Boot keeps on being the main supplier and trailblazer of battle, defensive, flight and strategic military boots for the US Department of Defense. At 108 years of age and more than 1 million sets of military boots sold every year, Belleville is still the most seasoned and largest US military boot supplier of Belleville Boots For Sale Online.

In 1904, the Belleville Shoe Company originated in Belleville, IL as a small manufacturing operation for men and boys shoes. Within a few years, the operation had grown to over 200 people producing thousands of pairs of shoes a day. By World War I, the U.S. Military contracted with the Belleville Shoe Company to supply combat boots for soldiers. The U.S. Military's choice of Belleville as a supplier continues today because of the commitment to providing quality footwear to U.S. troops from all military services. Belleville relies on cutting edge footwear technology, the newest manufacturing techniques, and high-quality materials in all of their boots. Since the Vietnam War, the design and material of Belleville’s military boots have adapted once again to suit the conditions of the hot weather desert environment in the Persian Gulf. The Belleville logo is stamped on every pair of the three thousand combat boots that they provide to U.S. soldiers every day.

Belleville manufactures many models of Air Force boots for all types of different environments. Their basic hot weather models are the 600 and 600 ST which feature unlined liners to keep your feet cool and rugged VIBRAM outsoles for longevity. The 612 and 612 ST models step up to Belleville's patented Merimax midsole which lightens up the boot without compromising comfort. These models are more suited for physical activity. The 639Z CT adds composite toe protection for soldiers working in hazardous environments with falling objects or electrical hazards. The 630 ST Maintainer series was designed for flight line maintenance personnel and features smooth leather for quick and easy cleanup as well as a tough steel toe. It features tough rubber heel and toe overlays for protection from gouges and scuffs. The 633 is the latest tactical Air Force model designed for patrol duty in uneven or rugged terrain. Belleville also manufactures several cold-weather models as well. The entry-level 650 features a waterproof Gore-Tex bootie to keep your feet dry in cold, wet weather. The 690 is a USAF Flight Approved boot with Gore-Tex technology. The 695 adds 200 grams of Thinsulate insulation for airmen operating in colder weather. The 680 ST is the cold weather Maintainer boot. The 675 is their most insulated boot with a full 600 grams of Thinsulate warmth protection.

As both the oldest and largest provider of boots for the United States military, Belleville Boots provide only the best. By coupling investments in the technology and science of footwear with 100 years of boot making knowledge, exceptional materials, and quality factories, these flight boots perform with excellence. Comfortable enough to wear all day and durable enough to withstand both harsh rigors and just as harsh climates, you’re going to want a pair of Belleville Boots to keep you performing at your best.

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