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Sisley-Evolution (SE) Flight Suits is a partnership between Sisley Clothing from Australia and Evolution Helmets from the USA.  In addition, we also have a relationship with United Designs based in Italy. 

In order to compete with time deadlines and the delivery of High Quality flight suits, Evolution Helmets brought together the best companies from around the world to deliver in the USA the highest quality flight suit in both One and Two Piece.  With manufacturing in Florida, Australia and Italy, SE Flight suits is now filling orders from several law Enforcement agencies and many companies from around the world.

For Years pilots, crew members and many companies were tired of the same old attitude when it came to ordering a flight suit.  We have changed all that.  If you want a high quality Flight suit that is not going to fade and or fall apart, SE Flight Suits will make you a believer.  Not all flight suits are made the same and it has to do with the sewing, the material and the quality control.  In Addition, with our partnerships with Sisley and United Designs, we are capable of high volume production to the same standards as being produced in the USA facility.

The next time you order a flight suit, try one from SE Flight suits and compare it to what you have had in the past.  Call us for your next flight suit.

SE Flight Suits is located in Melbourne, Florida, one hour from Orlando.